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Partnership opportunities with AFC Wimbledon Women

It’s hard to escape the buzz surrounding women’s football at the moment. The “It’s coming home!” chants in the stadiums, in bars, in the streets.

England’s national team has reached the final of the UEFA Euro. This is great news for the growth of women’s football in our local communities too. It’s inspirational.

So there’s no better time than now to “jump on the bandwagon” and join forces with a women’s team which has a strong connection with the local community.

We want to raise your profile just as much as you would help us to raise ours. At AFC Wimbledon Women we want to create an equal partnership with our sponsors. Because when you help us, we have a greater opportunity to help you.

We have several levels to get involved with. Whether it’s an ad in our programme, being our training kit partner, or anything in between.

If you want to get involved, or want to know more – please email

AFC Wimbledon Ladies become AFC Wimbledon Women



Women’s football has taken massive strides forward in terms of growth and popularity and is now the fastest growing sport in the country. In recognition of this, AFC Wimbledon have decided to drop ‘ladies’ in favour of ‘women’.

The change was approved by the league and the FA and is supported by the wider club.

In recent years a multitude of sporting organisations have modernised their language and have gone ahead and dropped the term ‘ladies’ in exchange for ‘women’ to reflect the growing popularity of women’s sport. Football has been part of that shift, starting with Manchester City in 2014. ‘Women’ is now the norm.

We’ve listened to what others outside the club are telling us, watched what other clubs around us have been doing and looked at how it will stack up with potential women’s sponsors. We are starting a new chapter in our future, with a successful season incorporating games at Plough Lane behind us, runners up in the FAWNL plate, finishing third in the league and looking forward to our first ever back to back friendly with the men’s first team.

It’s now time for AFC Wimbledon to follow suit and there is no better time to make this announcement than now.

David Growns, AFC Wimbledon Women Chair

With this change we are also taking the opportunity to change our website and our image on social media.

Many might think that one word doesn’t make that much of a difference, but as a football player myself, I really believe it does. From now on, we will simply call ourselves AFC Wimbledon, and only use Women if we need to differentiate ourselves with the men’s first team. To really show the sport and team the respect and recognition it deserves.

We are lucky to have ambitious and talented teams playing for our very special club. With this change, we will continue to match their professionalism off the pitch too.

Sophia Axelsson, General Manager

The upcoming weeks are full of excitement. We are launching our new kit. We are facing Ipswich Town Women at Plough Lane in a first ever double header with the men’s team. We will be revealing our pre-season fixtures. And we’ll be revealing our squad for the new season.

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